Our Interview with Roz Savage on the Adventure Podcast

Roz Savage is a legend. She is holder of a few extremely impressive world records, including being the first woman to row solo across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. She is also a Sustainability Advocate. That alone should tell you how awesome she is. She produces a podcast that Emma and I like to listen to a lot and from which we have taken much inspiration (whilst on this trip and also for future adventures). So, excitingly for us, Roz asked to interview us!

Roz is a very good interviewer and we’ve enjoyed the depth of questioning in her previous episodes. She tends to bring out the good, meaty, interesting stuff from people. The back-catalogue is very much worth a listen if you are looking for inspiration for your own travels or just want to hear some awesome (literally) stories. She has interviewed people who have run the length of Latin America (?!), rowed oceans, traversed the world by human power alone, cycled from everywhere to everywhere else and now…two grubby little hitchhikers.

Here is our interview!




3 thoughts on “Our Interview with Roz Savage on the Adventure Podcast

  1. Wow, amazing guys! It’s incredible to imagine your journey. And also pretty strange – I kept getting carried away by the chat, then would suddenly remember you’re saying it all from a Columbian loo! Funny the places you find peace. That Ollie guy you speak of, I know him!


    • Thanks chap šŸ™‚

      It was pretty darn warm in that toilet! It’s strange thinking back to it now. Glad you enjoyed that chat with Roz. What she has done herself is incredible too. You should check out her bio if you haven’t already. See you soon! Come and visit soon.


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