Can You Help Us to Cross the Atlantic?

sleeping rough

Sleeping rough under the eaves of a building, Zipaquira, Colombia.


Getting Home Should be An Adventure Too

About a week ago we stumbled into Santa Marta, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, a huge landmark for us. The four day passage from Bogota was one of the most challenging and rewarding so far, and seemed to be an amplified version of everything that has come before. Perhaps because it marks the end of one part of our journey and heralds the next challenge. It is a story for another time soon. In the meantime we find ourselves, once again, reaching out to strangers.

Beyond even our belief, an English skipper has agreed to take Emma and I across the Atlantic ocean, teaching us to sail on the way. He has even offered to pay all of the docking fees and the general boat costs. All he has asked from us is food money for the crossing. Which leaves us a little shy. The money I made from freelance writing last month is already absorbed and leaves us shy about $1000. So we have launched a crowd-funding campaign through Trevolta.

The campaign has gotten off to a heart-warming start, and at the time of writing we are just over a third of the way to our goal. The messages of kindness we have received, and the donations that came in tandem, have warmed our hearts.

We ummed and erred about this campaign for some time, unsure as to whether we deserved to ask for money directly from people. Other than the dozen times we have asked for food this is something we have purposefully not done. And having received so much kindness along the way we wondered whether we have had our full fill already.

But that said, it does fit in with the nature of our travels. And once again we find ourselves thrown out into a position of vulnerability. It is in these difficult positions that we have found ourselves most fulfilled and rewarded. It just feels strange that this time that would mean financially fulfilled and rewarded!

If you are able to donate to us, you will be contributing to the fulfilment of a long-held dream of ours: to sail across the Atlantic. This, of course, will also secure our passage a fair chunk of the way home (we´ll walk the rest), and open up our future for a new form of travel for us, by sea and by wind. For this, we can only offer, for the movement, a deeply felt gratitude and promise that we go into this with heart heavy with thanks. Everything we learn (and have learned) we hope and intend to pass into the future through other people, so though it may sound trite in print, by helping us out you are making a deposit into the future for the people that we will eventually help.

I won´t blab on too much. Here, again, is the link to our campaign.

If you cannot contribute financially, please don´t feel bad. It would help us a great deal if you are even able to share the campaign amongst your own circles, and this blog too.

Next time (and very soon) we will be writing to you with some very special and somewhat nerve-racking news.

Watch this space.


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