Name our house

For the first time in my life I nearly bought a silver pen. I wanted to scrawl “So Say We All” or an approximation of the below on my our new house, or simply “Galactica”.

Unfortunately it is not just me who gets to name our new house.

Emma and I have bought a new house.

It cost us about £100. This is it:


Anyway, the point is, it’s not fair that I can’t name it Galactica. It is fair that we agree on what we name our new house. However, I will not agree to anything other than Galactica.

Therefore, it is up to you to name our house. Please submit your ideas immediately using either the comments below, Facebook, Twitter or text. We will also accept all other means of communication, especially those involving pints as we are too poor (read: too stingy to spend our traveling savings) to get them ourselves.



2 thoughts on “Name our house

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Here are a few suggestions for naming the new house which might get you out of fix, nothing to do with BSG of course! 😉

    Ambrosa: expensive alcoholic intoxicant(ale)
    Spacedrome: space port(tent)
    2-alpha: voluntary mission(S. American travels)
    Sierra Alpha: suspicious activity (see above)
    FUBAR: Frakked Up Beyond All Recognition (see Ambrosa)

    And remember the words of Gaius Baltar- “I just don't respond to the title 'Doc.' A dock is a platform for loading and unloading material. My title is 'Doctor' or 'Mr. Vice President,' if you don't mind.”



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