I’ve just minimised a number of other people’s blog posts and decided to get on with this myself. That’s more or less what I plan to do with my life now. With our life.

Emma and I share a life, and I can tell you that that is the most enriching, amazing thing. We willfully share our life! I never actually believed that would happen, but it has. And it’s great. And we’re leaving, in three weeks.

It’s all obvious really, that I’m anxious, that I’m tired, that I’m so excited. Less obvious to me was how happy and sad I would be. The repeated underwhelming goodbyes with people I care for so much that it’s impossible to really ever say goodbye. I guess that comes much later, when we really are departed from each other. Because for now you are all with me and always will be. You’ve impacted so much on my life that your imprint is indelible on my character. We needn’t be near to hold each other close.
It’s because of you that we are setting off to France on October 7, 2012, after nigh on three years of dreaming and planning and work.
We’ll be taking a fairly convoluted route to Colombia: France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Canary Islands, the Atlantic ocean, South America and then onwards, outwards. But you’ll hear all about that as the days pass by. This space is for you, and for us.
The last few weeks, full of farewells, have blown my mind. People I didn’t know a year ago I now consider family. People that didn’t even exist two years ago are now my family. All of you, I can tell, genuinely wish us well.
We’re not leaving you, I promise. We’re setting out for something else, for other things. We want to hone our post-apocalyptic skills and learn to grow avocados and beans. We want to build things and walk really far. And we want to sit on impossibly beautiful beaches, just like everyone else. And hold sloths.
The only things that I am certain about are that the next three weeks are going to be beautifully happy and sad and that mine and Emma’s adventure will begin its new phase.
Everything else is uncertain. Will my knee hold out for the Camino de Santiago, or even the cycle to work? Will we cross the Atlantic on a yacht or a freighter? Will we see sharks? How long will our money last? Will we see you out there?
From today I’m going to take a leaf out of Emma’s book and relax a little. I’ve planned about all I can, and more, and it’s time to stop worrying because things will run their course and if I can’t walk we’ll hitch and if we can’t hitch we’ll walk and if we can’t hitch and I can’t walk I’ll lean on Emma because we’ve carried each other so, so far already. And because you can only consult so many Portuguese bus timetables to figure out how the hell you get from Brazil to Colombia, before you lose the ability to talk to people.
These last short weeks before we leave are for you, because we love you. If we can’t get to you, or you to us, then that’s sad but it’s also a brilliant excuse for you to save up and figure out a way out to us, wherever that is.
In the interim, we’ll start building this blog and writing about some of the things we know about the trip. The blog is likely to change a lot over the coming months, but that only seems apt.
Anthony, London, 19 September 2012

3 thoughts on “(un)certainties

  1. The closesr word I can conjur to describe how I feel about having just discovered your blog is “stunned”. I am researching for the El Camino ( my husband and I’s first leg of our next adventure… and I see the two of you hiked it. Then I see that you headed to S. America after that (which is what you did). We plan to hopefully spend a year-ish and after that we have no idea or certainty of what comes next. All we know is that we’re going.

    I can hardly wait to read the rest of uour posts, because I too plan on starting our jlog here soon.

    It seems so almost erily familiar to read your very first post… and to feel the echoes of my own thoughts about saying goodbyes and heading off to the unknown…. again and this time for longer term than we have before.

    Incidentally, we are considering many things to prolong our travels: teach English, volunteer, work on farms, house sit, work on ships….

    It’s exciting to be so close to leaving and comforting and inspiring to see others have felt the same pull as we do and have already set sail.

    Thank you for your jlog, I’m looking forward to reading every post!


    • Hello 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and write to us.
      Sounds like you’re at a particularly exciting stage in your life, with travel and the unknowns it brings right on the horizon. Good for you! Em and I are back there, too, with a cycle tour coming up. We’ll be blogging about that, I’m sure.

      We use HelpX a lot to arrange volunteering opportunities on farms and other projects. It really added another level to our travels and I can’t recommend it enough.

      If there’s anything you’d like to know about the Camino, please just ask away. And if there’s anything else we can help with we’d be happy to.


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